About Us

Launched in 1993, the award-winning Midtown Community Court is one of the country's first "problem-solving" courts. It has been replicated across New York and the world. Seeking to reduce crime and incarceration, it is infused with a mission of administering humane justice and responding to the needs of its surrounding neighborhoods. Midtown Community Court provides an array of services to tens of thousands of individuals through its comprehensive onsite social services clinic, fatherhood and workforce development program, community restitution program, and more.  Always growing in its reach, the court now sees cases that originate in four separate precincts, and is the sole adolescent diversion and human trafficking court in Manhattan.

Midtown Community Court advances community interests, enhances public trust in justice, and promotes positive change among those affected by the justice system. It held its 20th anniversary celebration in 2013.

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